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Fisherman's Cove: Luxury Seafood Dining in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

Hi, this is Sousuke here. 

Today I will be the guest writer for this blog entry. There is an event at Fisherman’s Cove that started this November and Cheryl was invited to attend this event. I was fortunate as Cheryl invited me to along; thank you, Boss! 

The event launched by Fisherman’s Cove was “a traditional village-inspired seafood dining experience” ala Night Market style. This event will be held every Friday from 6PM onwards.

Fisherman’s Cove decoration and design concept were based on a boathouse, kind of refreshing compared to the mainstream of interior design of a restaurant which we usually frequent (well, at least for me).

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with a beach-inspired welcome drink created especially by the beverage manager at Feast Village.

Next, we were lead to the glass display where the seafood put to display. There were many type of seafood available, some of which were so rare that you will never see it available in the common seafood restaurant in KL. 

Among the “rare” fishes available were: 
• Rainbow Trout 
• Javelin Granter 
• Threadfin 
• Coral Grouper

And the shellfish available were 
• Venus Clam 
• Lohgan Clam 
• Tiger Prawn 
• Polue Mussel 
• Fresh Pacific Oyster 
• Australian Mud Crab

Aside from the glass display, we were also allowed to choose fishes or lobsters from the fish tank, which ensure freshness of the seafood.

A host was assigned to accompany us to give us some brief description on the fishes or shellfish, the cost and recommend us on the best cooking method to bring out the best taste of the seafood. Termed as the “talking-menu”, the host was a friendly chap and his recommendation on the dishes preparation was spot on. 

Additional information, unlike other dining experiences, we were allowed to establish the quantity of seafood we would like to consume for the night. Pricing for each dish will be based on the quantity of food selected. A staff will be on hand to weigh the seafood immediately, allowing us to make quantity adjustments as seen necessary.

Now a little about the chef that prepare our dinner on that night. 

Fisherman’s Cove was headed by Executive Chef Wai, who had won the ‘King of Kitchen’ title at the prestigious 2011-2013 Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) series. In May 2014, the book Two Friends, One Cuisine, a collaborative effort between Chef Wai and Austrian Chef Johann Lafer, was awarded the Special Award of the Jury (Germany and Malaysia) and Best Cookbook of the Year (Germany) at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Beijing.

Deep Fried Calamari with Mint Salad

First and foremost, the Deep Fried Calamari! Yup, we started with the most basic dishes that available everywhere, but can you guarantee that the other diners would be able to match the taste of the calamari served in Fisherman’s Cove? The calamari was fried into golden brown to ensure the crispiness and the seasoning of salt and pepper were just nice.

Mango Shrimp

Well, as a mango lover, this is the dish that I would not miss. The shrimp were first boiled into perfection, and served with freshly diced mango and mango sauce. The freshness of the shrimp was further enhanced by the mango savory sweet taste, a superb combination! Well to be frank, I was a little skeptical when I first saw the dish as I had bad experience with other mango theme dishes, causing me to preferably consume mango just by itself. But I can assure you, not with this dish. I will eat up the entire portion you serve me as it was too yummy.

(Left) Stir Fry Venus Clam 
(Right) Crispy Threadfin Fillet with Coriander Chili Lime

Grilled Rainbow Trout

Australian Mud Crab

No seafood session would be call completed without the consumption of crabs. Fisherman’s Cove does offer one of the best crabs I had up to the moment. My personal favorite was the shells. The innards filling were so fresh and creamy that it bought me to sky high.

Sweet and Sour Flower Grouper

(Left) Classic Moule’s Marnier Normandy
(Right) Spicy Nyonya Steamed Sea Garoupa

Steamed Chinese Silver Pomfret with Superior Soy Sauce

A Chinese Silver Promfret, such a fish would be a huge waste if cooked in any other ways except steaming it. The freshness of the fish would be greatly emphasized in such cooking method, and with the glazed of soy sauce to provide the seasoning, only one word to describe, APPETIZING!

Pacific Rock Oyster

A simple serving of fresh Pacific Rock Oyster. With just a squeeze of lemon, it was ready for consumption! The oyster was fresh, and when consumed, there is a little salty taste from the remnant sea salt accompanied by the sour taste lemon juice.

Tiger Prawn in Kam Heong Style

Cheese Baked Lobster

The very last time I ate a lobster, it does not leave me with a good impression as it was tasteless and the texture was rough. So it had set my perception that lobsters were just some fancy tasteless overpriced rich man food. With this perception, I avoided lobster in my menu for almost 10 years. Since this Cheese Baked Lobster was prepared on that day, so I tell myself to give it a try, as there is nothing to lose. To my surprise, the taste was superb. The mixture of cheese and the lobster’s freshness causes a mellow taste in the mouth. And the texture was soft and chewy, nothing like the one I had previously. This is the second surprise for me after the mango shrimp.

Aside from the abovementioned, Fisherman’s Cove do offer the guests who prefer to be more hands-on with their dishes, an option for Japanese style hot pot shabu-shabu with three different choices of soup. The choices available were; tomyum, herbal or Japanese miso, which the guests will be able to cook their own seafood at their table, allowing guests to have the pleasure of cooking and dining simultaneously. 

Beside seafood, there will also be other types of meat available, such as chicken, beef and lamb. 

That is all for this time. Hope there will be more chances for me to guest write again in the near future.

Words by Sousuke
Photos by Cheryl

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Worthy Book FnB 2014-2015

Good news for foodies out there as Worthy Book has just released its latest FnB edition 2014-2015. With 180 vouchers from well-known restaurants such as Domino’s, Sushi King, Carl’s Junior, DinTai Fung, PapaJohn and more, Worthy Book serves not only as a discount book, but also an excuse to get friends and family in for some makan sessions. 

Together with Jason, we spent a day with Worthy Book.

Sleeping Animal Plate RM20

As if dreaming a musical scene, Kuma-san covered in blanket with a heart shape on top and looked too peaceful to be disturbed. Being the first Sleeping Animal Plate (aka Good Night Bear Plate) in Malaysia, Washoku Den Den did beautiful presentation as well as the thoughtfulness in including the slightly sweet demi-glace sauce for kids’ consumption. It is, after all, a kids menu. Having said so, this Sleeping Animal Plate is available to anyone and anytime, be it lunch or dinner.

Whenever there is beautiful food art, camera always “eats” first. Then followed by inevitable social media sharing, peeking under the blanket (or is it just me?) and finally the part where we struggled how to start eating. 

The tomato fried rice was appetizing and went really well with their demi-glace sauce. The sides however, needed some improvements. Instead of paying RM20, we got 50% discount off, making it RM10.

Washoku Den Den 
R-5 Central Plaza, No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 
Oasis Square Ara Damansara, 
47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
03-7734 4335 
Monday – Sunday 12pm - 10.30pm 
(closed between 3 - 6pm on weekdays)

Granchio (with choice of Spaghetti) RM27.90 
Tasty crab meat, sautéed garlic & baby spinach in tomato cream sauce 

If there is no such thing as too much pasta for you, then Capricciosa buy 1 free 1 pasta voucher sounds perfect. 

Literally means “crab” in Italian, the Granchio pasta was generously filled with shredded crab meat in tomato cream sauce, and dried chili for some kick. The tingle of spiciness elevated the crab flavour, which matched well with their al-dente spaghetti (of choice).

Salmone (with choice of Penne) RM 27.90 
Smoked salmon, baby spinach & cherry tomatoes in tomato cream sauce topped with grilled salmon 

Grilled well-seasoned salmon meat, crispy salmon skin, excellent tomato sauce that was both appetizing, savory and nothing too sour; paired with great choice of penne in oozing out the sauce in the mouth. Perfectto.

LG2, 127A, Oasis Boulevard, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 
No 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
03-7492 0513 

Get yourself a copy now at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in Klang Valley. 
Visit Worthy Book Facebook and Website for more info.
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