Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Outdoor Shooting-Yen Ekly (Abandoned House)

Model: Yen Ekly
Photographer: Cheryl Chan
Date: 7th May 2011
Venue: Abandoned House

This photoshooting was actually invited by Yen Ekly, second time shooting with her. ^^
That post is the most viewed post here. ^^

This is the normal shooting if i were to shoot it.
Not that it's not nice, just that it's not striking enough~

And this is guided by organizer:
Using white balance to adjust the tone and gives effect to the photo.

This was taken at another different spot. With different setting.

More coming soon~^^~


{ aggie } said...

Your photos are great! :D
Love the colours in this one.

But the one thing I don't get is the styling.... If only she wore a nice gown instead for a setting like that.

CC's photography said...

Still got better photos coming in~!^^~

hmm...we can try next time~^^~

{ aggie } said...

Looking forward to it! Your photography has very, very much improved!

CC's photography said...

ya, improved so much in this session~!got guidance from organizer~^^~

THE SHEZ said...

I enjoy the second half of your photos (the green-themed ones). Your angles are so much better now. (:

I dare not comment on your model tho.

CC's photography said...

lol~thanks thanks~^^

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