Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anna 4th Birthday!

It was Angelina aka Anna, my niece, 4th birthday on 12th Dec 2011.

My family had dinner together at Hanare restaurant, The Intermark.
(Please click on the link above to Hanare website, which menu is available for download, at least you'll get to  know your budget)
Hanare ranked 18 of 880 restaurants  in Kuala Lumpur at Tripadvisor.

Mom bought strawberries for Anna and Ethan. Then my sister asked them to serve on plate.
Never thought they would make it so presentable!

Crabstick salad.

Chawan Mushi (left), Crabstick salad (right).

First time that I ever saw prawn sashimi!

Turns out that the prawn is sweet.
Like the taste, but not the texture.

Vegetarian sushi for mom.

Natto and unagi temaki.

Agedashi Tofu.

Curry Udon.

My brother ordered this. Totally have no idea on this.
This looks a bit like chinese "lui cha" :P

Garlic Fried Rice.

Teppanyaki Chicken. 
My favourite of the night!

Kinoko (mix mushroom).

Yasai Itame, Assorted Vegetables.

I do not know the price of other dishes (I was late, okay?), but I definitely know this one.
Grilled salmon and ikura, the maki way. 4 for RM35.

Yap, my mom.

Anna whispering to her mom.

Her birthday cake. 
Somehow they have the "Merry Christmas".

Happy Birthday Anna!

My birthday gift to Anna.
She loves it!

She looked like a princess.

So cute~ *melting* 

Yes, this should be published 3 months ago. :P

Will continue to update my blog more often.


Aggie said...

Ooo the food looks really good! Btw Sheila will faint seeing that Hello Kitty bag!

Cheryl Chan said...

Really? Didn't know Sheila is a fan of Hello Kitty.
By the way, that Hello Kitty bag is Anna's school bag now :)

THE SHEZ said...

I would totallyyyyyyy buy that!

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