Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1919 Restaurant @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Went with my colleagues for her birthday treat at 1919 Restaurant @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng last month.
1919 Restaurant was originated from Ipoh, this is a new branch at KL.
(Feel so connected to it as my bf Jason is from Ipoh too :P)

Very easy to spot this restaurant as it occupies one whole bungalow unit along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.
However, parking unit is very limited, like 4-5 cars only.
So we parked at the parking space just behind, but being charged by the another restaurant that claimed the parking belong to them. Paid RM5.

Once entered the restaurant, on the left is waiting area with homey feel furniture.
Very considerate.

The interior.

A lot of sketches of ancient homes.

Very old times.

Since we have 9 people, we demanded for private room.
(Minimum expenses is RM300)
These are all the decorations and furniture in our room.

The 1919 tea pot.

Ok, way too many photos of the tea pot.

Yes, even the cup is carved with 1919.

Didn't order any wine.

Mango Kerabu -Large. 
We ordered one meat and one vegetarian, total RM67.80 for both.
Meat one definitely tasted better than the vegetarian one. 
At first i thought only the ingredient inside is different, but no, the yam texture is different too.

Philippines Fried Eggplant -Small.
We ordered two as well, to cater for 9 people.
RM23.80 for both, RM11.90 each.
It is one of the must-try appetizer here. 
More like eggplant with tempura/french fries style, then add a bit of sweet and spicy sauce.

Indonesian LaLa -Large.
Ordered 2 plates, total RM99.80 for both, RM49.90 each.
Yes, the lala is tasty, but not the big portion as large.
RM49.90 for this plate is expensive. 
p.s: This is according to seasonal price, price not available in the menu.

Chicken -Large.
(Don't know what is the name, not the famous assorted egg fried chicken)
Only one plate, RM33.90.

Cencalok Prawn-Large.
Ordered 2 plates, RM177.80 for both, RM88.90 each.
Almost RM10 each prawn. Seriously???

Steam Seck Pan.
Ordered one, RM75.80.

1919 Homemade Tofu (No meat).

1919 Homemade Tofu.
Ordered 2 plates, RM47.80 both, RM23.90 each.
This is another must try at 1919. 
Tofu is so smooth and the vege besides not only for decoration, edible also.

Assorted Vegetables -Large.
RM53.80 for 2 plates, RM26.90 each.

Total 14 dishes!

Pancake Ice-Cream.

Including rice for 8 people and tea, the bill came to us for RM662.85.
Bear in mind that the service charge of 5% alone costs us RM31.55.
That's an average of RM73.65 per person!
Such a rip-off!
We were all very shocked and never expected it to be such expensive.
Feel so sorry for the birthday treat colleague, over her budget for the meal already.

This is our second visit actually, our first visit here was for my birthday treat, one week before this dinner.
We 5 people, ordered fried eggplants, fried vege, fried wanton mee, homemade tofu and chicken.
ONLY RM136.60. An average of RM27.32 per person!


Well, the service is good with friendly staff and cosy environment that feels like home.
Definitely not noisy, good place for gathering.
Feedback were asked and we said too salty for both visits.
If the environment is homey/old times oriented, please make the food less salty as mama's cooking as well?

Will I ever come back again?
Maybe.....(20% chance)
Only order those with price in the menu.

Thanks Daniel for the recommendation!

1919 Restaurant @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
15A, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
(If you're coming for lunch, you can order ahead of time)
1919 Restaurant KL


Daniel Mak Keng Hoe said...

Wahlau, give me wear so big hat meh??
I did recommend, but i din know u all will eat until over budget like this... now i feel bad for recommending this 1.

Cheryl Chan said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendation for the good food la. The food there is really nice, just that the seafood is way too expensive only la. we did enjoy our first visit there. :)

Anonymous said...

I like this blog its a master peace ! .

Ripoff said...

Price was a rip off, Service very slow waited for one hour during lunch, one colleague had to rush off without finish his food.  manager was rude and only two staff around.  Dont think i will come back again to this restaurant.

Cheryl Chan said...

I remembered last time the waiter did tell me about ordering during lunch time. You have to call and order in advance before you show up. I already can imagine how packed it would be. Their management certainly have to improve. Don't think I would go back too.  

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