Thursday, July 26, 2012

MODA 22nd Anniversary: 30 Designers Gala (part 1)

This year (2012), MODA (Malaysia Official Designers' Association) marked its 22nd Anniversary in collaboration with Samsung.
I am proud to be at one of the most happening and sought after event in local fashion industry.

Fashion collections from 30 local fashion designers, with 3 outfits each. 

Design by Alvin Tay.

Design by Alexandrea Yeo.

Design by Amir Luqman.

Design by [email protected].

Beatrice Looi fashion design
Design by Beatrice Looi.
One of my favourite collections! Love the detail of styling.

Design by Bill Keith.

Design by Carven Ong.

Design by Dominique Chan.

Design by Eric Choong.

Design by Jendela KL(Faisal Abdullah).

Design by Joe Chia.

Design by Jonathan Cheng.

Design by Jovian Mandagi.

Design by Justin Yap.

Up coming:

All photos in this post were taken using Canon 550d + 50mm f1.8, no flash was used. 


Aggie said...

Ooo I love Jovian Mandagi's designs! White with an edge!

estee gee said...

some are like sooooo pretty! but i never understood how to wear them out

Cheryl Chan said...

lol, that's why we're going to fashion show: To see what you can't see on the street. :)

Cheryl Chan said...

Yes :)

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