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Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia Launching

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been the talk of town with its motto of "life companion". 
So much have I heard about it, saw about it (through some online demonstration videos), anticipating about it (pre-teaser going on one week prior to the launching) and might as well seeing it in person at its launching.
Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially launched at Malaysia last Saturday, 27th April 2013 at major shopping centers (Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens, Berjaya Times Square and Lowyat Plaza). 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Unlike other exclusive phone launching events, Samsung didn't do it in a confined space and keep the invitations limited to VIPs and medias, but rather an open event in a trailer bus, bringing the entertainment on street where everyone is welcomed.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Local celebrities Liyana Jasmay and Awal Ashaari certainly spiced up the event upon entering Berjaya Times Square with smile.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Liyana and Awal demonstrating some of the phone features to surrounding audience.

Liyana jasmay
Awal Ashaari
Both Liyana and Awal were being interactive by going round, asking audience to try one of the Galaxy S4 main features, the Air Gesture.
A touchscreen phone that no longer require a touch, but simple hovering or swiping at a distance. It is quicker and relatively convenient to operate the phone (though not advisable) while you are driving. 
Don't like the song played? Swipe through it and it'll change to the next one. How smart is that?   

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy S4 girls with colorful balloons.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia 
Violinists team led by Malaysia's funkiest violinist, Dennis Lau.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Always in his white coat, Mr Kwon Jae Hoon as Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics along with other VIPs officially launched Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia
The launching then followed by unexpected flash mob performance featuring Elecoldxhot, one of Malaysia's famous street dancing team. 
They were all dressed up in blue color in accordance with Samsung brand.

Finally the event has ended at Berjaya Times Square and they moved on to Lowyat Plaza as the last stop while I went checking out the almost not earth bound masterpiece creation, Galaxy S4.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Malaysia

Thanks to Daniel, my companion of the day as photographer and as S3 user can I do this S3 versus S4 comparison. Which of course, this comparison only limits to the design and dimension.

S4 vs S3
S4 (White) screen size of 4.99 inch compared to S3 (Blue) 4.8 inch.

S4 vs S3
Relocation of speaker from top (S3 Blue) to bottom left (S4 White). 
Camera flash position also changed from left (S3 Blue) to bottom (S4 White) of the camera.
There's been an upgrade in rear camera resolution from 8mp to 13mp!

S3 vs S4
S4 (White) side dimension of 0.31" versus S3 (Blue)'s 0.34". 
S4 is also less curvy with the metallic side bar design.
By the way, S4 is 3 grams lighter than 133g of S3.

I wouldn't compare the features of S4 with S3 simply because it is not comparable.
Samsung has added in so many cool features that I do not think anyone can resist.

Galaxy S4 Dual Shot
Dual Shot
Have you ever went for a gathering be it long lost schoolmates or even first meet up with new friends and the waiter just screwed up your group photos? Believe me, I have had that experience countless times. How I wish to take the group photos myself but I just couldn't take photo and be in the photo at the same time. 
Now Samsung is really creative by letting both phone cameras (front and rear/back) to shoot simultaneously and fit into the same image. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot
Other than front camera fish eye function as showed above, there are also other designs of love shape, stamp and others. You are also free to position yourself!

This camera feature of Galaxy S4 just leave me in awe! As a traveler and freelance photographer, it is just unavoidable to have people constantly walking in front of the camera while I was shooting this very amazing world heritage architecture. So I ended up taking much longer time just to do a clear shot. Now with this brilliant camera addition, you can clear the crowd. The eraser mode will capture all 5 photos at once (make sure you don't have a shaky hand), identify and highlight any moving subjects which you can choose to erase or keeping it. No more ruined travel photos!

Samsung Galaxy S4
Smart Scroll
Smart scroll is one of another feature extended from Samsung eye-tracking technology, enable you to scroll the screen using your eyes only.  

Samsung Galaxy S4
Smart Pause
Using the same eye-tracking technology, you'll never have to lose any scene from your dramas or favorite movies anymore! Smart stay feature will pause your screen for you while you look away and will resume once you look back into the screen. 

If you must know, Galaxy S4 operates on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Selling at the price of RM2,199, Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in both white frost and black mist color.
Alternatively, you can always get it with other telco plans!

See it in person at Samsung outlets and be amazed!

For more information, kindly visit:
Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook: 
Samsung Malaysia Twitter:

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